How to hire the best DJ for your 18th and 21st birthday? A Quick Guide

FJ Entertainment’s exceptional DJ hire for all birthday parties in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Newcastle and Hunter Valley regions understand what is required to provide you with the best possible DJ hire for your 18th and 21st. Let’s face it, you don’t want to risk hiring a poor DJ for your special day, let FJ Entertainment take care of that for you. Here is a quick guide.

Know who your DJ is

It is vital you understand who will be performing and DJ’ing at your birthday party, what experience they have, their music specialties, their willingness to adapt to certain situations, being interactive with yourself and the crowd, their equipment that they have on the night. All of these factors are vital when hiring your DJ and the success of your night. It is worth investing in someone who you understand the certain service they offer, rather than taking a risk in the ‘average Joe’ DJ. To be a DJ, you have a possess a certain skill and resources, not all have this, so it is not worthy to risk hiring someone without these characteristics you are looking for.

Equipment is vital

When booking your DJ, make sure you understand the equipment that will be at your birthday party on the night. The DJ should understand how many people will be attending and can adapt their sound and lighting equipment to any birthday party large or small. The quality of the equipment is pinnacle too, brands such as JBL and Pioneer are leading brands and is the minimum we possess here at FJ Entertainment’s exceptional Sydney DJ hire.

What type of DJ are you hiring?

Here, we provide exceptional club DJ’s for 18th and 21st birthday’s who can adapt to any situation and mix anything from the golden oldies, to the current top 40, house, electro, dubstep, trap, r&b and hip hop. You name the genre, we are able to mix it with anything you and your guests love on the night. We do recommend you invest in a club DJ for your 18th or 21st birthday since 99.9% of 18th and 21st’s work exceptionally and the dance floor will always be full. FJ Entertainment provides professional club DJ’s at no extra cost.

Looking for the perfect DJ?

FJ Entertainment understands our customers, we understand what is required to make your special day that much more special. So wherever your party is, if it’s in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Newcastle or Hunter Valley, we have the perfect package for you. Look nowhere else, FJ Entertainment is your DJ hire to go, contact us now.

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