How to hire the best wedding entertainment for your wedding?

Wedding success:

It is no secret that the planning of a wedding is one of the most stressful times of our lives, but it is also one of the most rewarding aspects to our lives once we see the final product of hard work and determination to make that wedding day a success. A major part of the success of your special day will come down to the entertainment. Approximately 80% of success will be determined by the entertainment for your day.  The main choices for wedding entertainment include DJ’s or bands, so why settle for less when planning your wedding day. Here is a quick guide to choosing the perfect wedding entertainment for your special day.

First impressions:

The first impressions for your wedding DJ are one of the most important interactions with whoever you decide to service your wedding as they are the foundation of your relationship formed. It can either be beneficial or simply not. Some signs to look out for that should be considered include the company’s website. Usually the condition of their website will determine whether or not the company provides professional wedding entertainment. Is their website constantly updated, are photos and videos being released, is there clear indication of the services they offer, does their website suit the needs of your wedding DJ and/or MC requirements.

Customer interaction:

Assess how your interaction has been either through email, phone or even face to face. Does the company understand your needs for your wedding? It is vital that your DJ or source of entertainment asks questions so that you as bride or groom will receive the best service possible. The DJ should ask questions such as the age group attending, the venue type, any special requests of music that you require to make your day that much more special. Most importantly, communication should be constant from the time of inquiry until the actual day, and even afterwards if possible.

Evidence of work:

Does your potential company have evidence of previous work at functions through photos, videos or even first-hand viewings of their DJ hire? This is significant as you shouldn’t be settling for less on your special day. It is not worth the risk of hiring those without any form of evidence, references and testimonials of previous work in the wedding industry.


Usually the amount of availability of your professional wedding DJ will indicate the quality and demand for your source of DJ at your wedding. Therefore, it is wise to ask about their schedule and whether or not they are performing week in, week out. A good sign would be to book months in advance, and for quality it is definitely encouraged to book earlier for those who have good reviews and testimonials. In order to secure quality at your dream day, I highly recommend booking at least 8+ months in advance. That is not to say that quality DJ’s may not booked months in advance, it may be a case of luck when gathering bookings for the year.


There is much confusion about pricing strategies used by different DJ’ing companies and for good reason as so many different competitors charge different prices, so no wonder this confusion can cause headaches when planning your wedding. There are many DJ’s who charge too much for a poor service and there are those who charge too little for endearing quality that they offer. Many are forced to believe that the best services are the ones that cost the most. But in everyday life, we see that the most expensive isn’t necessarily the best, so why should that stereotype be for wedding DJ’s. Over the years, we have been forced to deal with an average to satisfactory standard of DJ’s, due to this, most clients of mine believe that all DJ’s are the same, the quality of their service, their equipment, their knowledge of the industry. When chasing quotes, it is important to understand what each are really offering. Many charge hidden extras and to the horror of the bride and groom, only find out on the night and this adds unnecessary pressure and can spoil your wedding easily. It is essential to providing all details for your wedding to the company as professional companies would be able to tailor their services to your needs, and this is the service that you should be paying for. Therefore, this is the highest value service, the one where your needs are put ahead of the DJ’s and one which can guarantee you a safe and enjoyable night.


When booking your next wedding DJ, understand that not all are the same, that are many variables that need to be considered and your needs for your wedding are the highest of the hierarchy.

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