Why our photo booth and DJ package is great value for you

We pride ourselves here at FJ Entertainment of providing affordable and high quality entertainment for Sydney. That’s exactly why our photo booth and DJ hire is the most suitable package for your next event. When hiring both separately from different companies, it could easily cost you over $1500. We’ve made it easier for you, now you’re able to hire a professional DJ and photo booth at a fraction of the cost that is proven to work. Here are reasons why you should hire our photo booth and DJ package.

  1. It will save you hundreds of dollars, you’ll have more money left in the pocket
  2. We are industry leading, we keep up with the latest trends and technology so you’re guaranteed a high quality package
  3. We’ve had nothing but great reviews for our hire packages
  4. You and your guests will have a great time, they’ll be left wanting more
  5. You will hire our both services from the same business, therefore, you’ll have less to worry about and more time to have fun and enjoy yourself
  6. We’ve got experience in all types of events, weddings, birthdays, night clubs, engagements and more
  7. You’ll have memories to last a lifetime

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